Monday, November 14, 2011

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday: Bobby the Brave (Sometimes)

by: Lisa Yee and Dan Santat
Published September 1st 2010 by Arthur A. Levine Books

Welcome to Marvelous Middle Grade Monday!  Today I'm reviewing BOBBY THE BRAVE (SOMETIMES) the sequel to BOBBY VS. GIRLS (ACCIDENTALLY).  To read that review, click here. This second book picks up shortly after the ending of Bobby vs. Girls.   Here's a blurb from the publisher:

In his last adventure, Bobby Ellis-Chan got stuck to a tree, had underwear attached to his back, and faced down a whole wolf pack of girls. What could be scarier or more embarrassing than that?

     Oh how about a new gym teacher named Mr. Wiener House ...

     Getting chased by a cat with twenty-seven toes ...

     Dancing onstage in the class musical ...

     Playing football with his dad - a pro linebacker (or even worse ... with his sister!).

He's sometimes brave, he's sometimes silly, he's frequently in trouble, and he's always fun to read about. He's Bobby!

When a sequel is written, there is always the question - Is it as good as the first?  In this case, I would give a definite YES.  The situations Bobby gets himself into are once again hilarious.  But even more so than the first book, his relationships with his family, especially his dad are explored in more depth.  By the end of the book, Bobby and his famous father finally have the conversation that's been brewing since the beginning of Bobby vs. Girls. They understand one another more so now than ever, and I'll be curious to see if a third Bobby book is in the works. 

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