Friday, February 3, 2012

Perfect Picture Book Friday: Sylvie

Welcome to Perfect Picture Book Friday! I hope this post will be a help to those who love picture books and want to share them with their own children or those they teach.
Written and Illustrated by: Jennifer Sattler

Random House Children’s Books 2009
Fiction for ages 4-8

Themes: animals, be yourself/individuality, colors

Opening and brief synopsis:
One morning, Sylvie looked at her family.
Sylvie is a beautiful pink flamingo who finds out she is pink because she eats pink shrimp. When she looks at the world around her, she decides to expand her eating choices, and much to her dismay, overdoing it.

Why I like this book:
I loved little Sylvie as she looked at all the beautiful colors of the world and decided to try them all out.  By eating grapes, chocolate, a red kite and so on, she not only becomes the color of what she ate, but sees that changing colors isn’t at all what she expected. When her stomach tells her to stop, she becomes a mish-mash of color and realizes being herself with her pink family is the best color for her after all. I also loved the illustrations - so cute and the colors so vivid.

Flamingo Coloring Page, Fun activity – Have children draw a rainbow and think of other items that are the same color as the colors of the rainbow.

Perfect Picture Book Friday is a wonderful idea started by Susanna Leonard Hill.  For other “Just Right” books, visit her blog.