Friday, February 24, 2012

Perfect Picture Book Friday: Tweak Tweak

Welcome to Perfect Picture Book Friday! I hope this post will be a help to those who love picture books and want to share them with their own children or those they teach.

Written by: Eve Bunting
Illustrated by: Sergio Ruzzier

Clarion Books 2011
Fiction for ages 2 to 6

Themes: individuality, animals

Opening and brief synopsis:
“Hold on to my tail, Little Elephant,”
Mama Elephant said. “Today we are
going for a walk. If you want to ask me
a question, tweak twice.”

Mama Elephant and Little Elephant are going for a walk. Little Elephant has many questions, especially about the different animals that they find as they walk. Mama Elephant loves to answer, showing Little Elephant that even though the other animals have wonderful abilities, she too possesses great qualities special to her as an elephant. Mama answers the questions all to help Little Elephant grow big and strong and smart and beautiful.

Why I like this book:
This is a cute, simple book showing young children that asking questions is a great way to experience the world around them. (And it also shows parents the benefits of patience! I know too many questions can be unnerving at times.) I would identify this as a “quiet” picture book, and the illustrations go hand in hand. They are adorable and draw you in to the fun walk of the elephants. A great book for cuddling with a young child.

A variety of coloring pages for elephants can be found here.  Take your child(ren) on a curiosity walk, letting them ask questions about what they see and hear.

Perfect Picture Book Friday is a wonderful idea started by Susanna Leonard Hill.  For other “Just Right” books, visit her blog.