Friday, June 1, 2012

Perfect Picture Book Friday - The Seven Silly Eaters

Welcome to Perfect Picture Book Friday! I hope this post will be a help to those who love picture books and want to share them with their own children or those they teach.


Written by: Mary Ann Hoberman and Illustrated by: Marla Frazee

Harcourt, Inc. 1997
Fiction for ages 3 to 8

Themes: family, cooperation

Opening and brief synopsis:
Not so long ago, they say,
A mother lived—just like today.
Mrs. Peters was her name;
Her little boy was named the same.
Now Peter was a perfect son
In every way—except for one.

The book shows how Peter and each successive Peters child will only eat one food. As more and more children are born, Mrs. Peters can’t keep up with her picky children’s food choices. On the night before Mrs. Peters’ birthday, the children decide to fix her breakfast in bed. What they think is a mess turns out to be the best gift of all.

Why I like this book:
Marla Frazee is my absolute favorite illustrator, and this is the first book of hers that I found. Mary Ann Hoberman is fantastic with rhyme. Putting the two of them together makes for one amazing picture book. I love the family element of the story and how this growing family changes and adapts through time.

Mary Ann Hoberman’s book page includes the recipe for the surprise at the end of the book. I also found a lesson plan for the book.

Perfect Picture Book Friday is a wonderful idea started by Susanna Leonard Hill. For other “Just Right” books, visit her blog.

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I also wanted to let you all know that I won't be blogging anymore for the month of June.  My family is very busy with baseball and my day job is taking a lot more time than usual. In order to have the time to write this month, I need to take this break.  I may see you around in the blogosphere, but if not, I will be back in July.  I have a stack of books to read and can't wait to share with you as well! 

Have a great month!