Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mid-Month Update

At the beginning of the month, I shared my goals for November with all of you.  With today being November 15th, I thought I would check in and see how the month is going.  Also, putting it out there makes me accountable to you all!

Here are my goals for November:

  • Start and complete PiBoIdMo 2012 
  • Finish the novel writing class I'm taking with the Institute for Children's Literature by completing revisions of my middle grade novel in preparation to begin the querying process.
  • Complete a rough draft for November for the 12x12 in 2012 challenge.

And here is my progress so far:
  • I'm a few days behind, but have quite a few ideas in my PiBoIdMo notebook.
  • I've completed all the major revisions I wanted to make in my novel, have turned in the first half to my instructor, and am finishing up the end.  I'm also getting a critique from a fresh set of eyes, so we'll see if anything else needs to be adjusted.
  • This one I haven't started yet, I think I have the idea I want to work with, just need to get it flowing on paper.
So, I'm doing okay.  I have some work to do this weekend to make sure I don't get too far behind for the month, but I'm feeling confident I will get everything accomplished - although Thanksgiving might complicate things a little.

So, how about you PiBoIdMo'ers and 12x12'ers?  How is your month going?