Friday, June 21, 2013

Picture Book Friday: Nugget and Fang and The Monstore

Since I didn't have a post this past Monday, I thought for today I would share two new picture books that I recently read.  I admire both of the authors and have learned so much from them. First up:

NUGGET AND FANG: Friends Forever - or Snack Time?

From the jacket flap:
Minnows = Shark lunch
This is what Nugget is learning in minnow school. And this is why Fang is losing his best friend. Yes, Fang is a shark. He does have big sharp teeth. And he will convince Nugget that they can still be friends!
If he doesn't, then ...
2-1=1 lonely Fang

Why kids will love it - They will love the word choices and bright pictures. It also shows them it's okay to be friends with all sorts of people, not just those just like you. 

What I learned as a writer - I love the word choices that Tammi makes, especially the alliteration. She also uses the "rule of 3" which seems to be a characteristic of her books. Great balance of narration and dialogue. 


From the jacket flap:
The Monstore sells only the most useful monsters - perfect for all your monsterly needs. And Zack has a big monsterly need indeed: to frighten his pesky little sister away. No more sneaky sister snooping, sleepwalking, or snatching his stuff! But Zack's monsters don't quite work to plan. And the only rule of the Monstore? No refunds.

Why kids will love it -Bright, over-the-top illustrations take the "scariness" factor away and make the book more silly and fun. The brother-sister relationship is easy for them to relate to and enjoy.

What I learned as a writer - The repetition of certain scenes was handled very well, that it didn't seem boring or "here we go again." The variety of character names fit together smoothly. I loved how the book came full circle. Cleverly done!

I definitely recommend finding both of these books at the library or bookstore for summer reading. And if you can't find them, request them!

Have a great weekend!