Monday, August 19, 2013

Picture Book Day - Doggone Feet!

Today's featured book is a new picture book by my friend and fellow Michigan author/illustrator Leslie Helakoski. This is Leslie's sixth picture book she has written and the second picture book she has written and illustrated. Leslie has stopped by my blog before, click here to read her Q and A.


by Leslie Helakoski
Boyds Mill Press 2013

From the jacket flap:
Just me and two feet!

That's what this dog likes - having her person all to herself. But then new feet arrive, insisting on icky things like doggie shampoos! Soon, baby feet appear, bringing noise and chaos. As the family expands, these doggone feet are everywhere! It's a good thing that making room also brings surprises...and joy.

Here is a dog's eye view of life in a growing family.

Why kids will love it - Reading about each new set of feet will have kids guessing who they might belong to. Since the faces that go along with the feet aren't shown until the end of the book, kids can imagine the faces until the end. The surprise at the end of the book is very fun and definitely a total surprise! The illustrations are cheery and so kid-friendly, there's so much to look at and enjoy.

What I learned as a writer - Picture books are so dependent on the text and illustrations to have a give and take with each other. This book is a perfect example of needing both. Leslie does a fantastic job of meshing the two together. The repetition she uses to carry the story along is simple, but so fun to read.

This is such a fun book to read aloud, I hope you will all check it out! Stop by Leslie's website to see the book trailer. Very cute! Have a great week!