Monday, August 5, 2013

Picture Book Day - Wooby & Peep

Today I would like to share a fun, new picture book with you. I actually met one of the main characters in person at the SCBWI Wild, Wild Midwest Conference this past May.  Isn't Wooby cute?

WOOBY & PEEP: A Story of Unlikely Friendship
by: Cynthea Liu and Mary Peterson
Sterling Children's Books 2013

From the jacket flap:
Peep and her pet iguana, Ricardo, are LOUD and WILD.

Wooby and his goldfish, Wendy, are NOT.

When Peep moves in next door, Wooby is in for quite a shock. Peep throws crazy parties, wears silly costumes, and makes a lot of noise. This quiet neighborhood will never be the same. Can Wooby and Peep ever learn to become friends?

Why kids will love it - Reading about Peep's antics will bring many laughs. And seeing the friendship bloom between Wooby and Peep will show kids how much fun it can be to be friends with others, even those who might be a little different than you.

What I learned as a writer - Having fun, original characters is so important in picture books. And giving them names that are unique, but match with the other characters is also important. I loved the dialogue between the characters, which shows that for some pb's plenty of dialogue does work.

I hope you all check out WOOBY & PEEP. It's a fun book!  Have a great week!