Monday, May 19, 2014

A Picture Book Monday - Big Pigs

I'm back today with a funny new picture book I bought last week. It is by one of the SCBWI Michigan co-RA's, Leslie Helekoski. Leslie is a fantastic author and illustrator who I greatly admire. She has been a tremendous encouragement to me as a writer and I'm very happy to share her brand new book on my blog.

by: Leslie Helekoski
Boyds Mill Press 2014

From the jacket flap:
Mama Pig loves her little piglets - all three of them. 
But her piglets don't think they're little!
In fact, they're determined to prove just which one of them is the biggest.
Three brothers.
One challenge.
Let the mayhem begin!

This book is fun from beginning to end. The illustrations are cute and the verbs Leslie uses are silly and fun to read out loud. Sweet Pea, Nibbles and Clean Bean are great names too! Kids will love having this book read to them over and over and parents won't mind!  

I hope you all have a great week. Next week I hope to share a Marvelous Middle Grade Monday book for you again.